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About me


I am a tattoo artist working at a tattoo studio in Liverpool Merseyside. I have a great love of art and tattoo is one of my forms of art choice. My main goal is to make people happy and proud to wear tattoo as a piece of art while improving my tattoos and designs for as long as I can. I like specialising in Portrait tattoos, Realism tattoos, New School tattoos, Black Ink tattoos, Traditional tattoos, Religious tattoos, Black and Grey tattoos, Colour tattoos, Graffiti tattoos, Asian tattoos, Oriental tattoos, Dot-work tattoo and Tribal tattoo. Please check out my tattoo instagram page or gallery to see if you like my tattoo designs and tattoo work and would like me to do your next tattoo. I make custom tattoos in liverpool.

Before I started tattooing in Liverpool. I have previously studied art and practices and learned the history of tattoo and I have worked as a freelance graphic designer for many years so putting together a custom tattoo design is second nature to me. I can make a custom tattoo design either digitally or by hand. Drop me a message if you want a custom tattoo liverpool. Myself and the tattoo studio Liverpool is approved and registered with Liverpool local authority and I/we follow a strict hygiene protocol as approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. A certifcate is available to view at the tattoo studio alternatively you can view it online for your peace of mind.

Tattoo liverpool artist who loves all forms of art and tattoo. I make custom tattoo liverpool for all your tattoo needs. I will always do the best tattoo for all my customers. Liverpool tattoo is a very competitive area for tattoos but i will try my best to be the best tattoo artist in Liverpool.

  • Real Name: Brennan
  • Needle Name: inkpanzee
  • Freelance: Available
  • Tattoo Shop: Liverpool, England
  • Tattoo Email:
  • Design Email:
Tattoo Artist Liverpool -
2018 - current

I'm currently working at a great tattoo studio in Liverpool with a couple of fantastic tattoo artists. I'm lucky enough to have a very flexible place of work that allow me to use the tattoo studio when I wish this is great for people who have bad working patterns. I will always try to make time for your tattoo.

I'm a tattoo artist based in Liverpool. I cover all styles of tattoo and have a great desire to be the best I can be. I started tattooing many years ago but the time wasn't right for me at the time. After doing a range of jobs I feel I have learned a great deal that has helped me as a person and that will benefit my tattoo career. I have decided to learn this great art form again trying my hand at all styles of tattoo and creating my own unique tattoo style. I have a passion for trash polka tattooing, realism tattoos, portrait tattoos, blackwork tattoos and geometric tattoos. I also enjoy doing the old traditional tattoos. I have been a Freelance Web Designer & Developer and a very accomplished graphic designer for many years now which has been a great help in my tattoo design process. I am very happy to design custom one off tattoos for you of which you will have a unique design tailored to your interests. I have a passion for travelling, cars, motorbikes and animals. If you want a tattoo or a tattoo designing by me pop into the tattoo shop in Liverpool. I try to help everyone where possible.

Web Developer - BeardedHouse
2011 - current

I have been doing graphic design for over 15 years and web design for over 10 years.

Marketing Degree - Manchester Met
2008 - 2011

I studied here and learned a lot about traveling and the importance of self teaching.

Art diploma - Blackburn College
2000 - 2002

2 year art diploma course with graphic design.

Graphic design - Blackburn College
1999 - 2000

A one year graphic design course foundation.





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If you want a tattoo or a custom tattoo designing please head over to my instagram or facebook pages and drop me a message and I will reply to you shortly. For a quicker response message me on instagram. Alternatively pop into the tattoo shop and see us we're a nice bunch and will be very happy to help you with your next tattoo.

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Tattoo Designs

I'm an experienced graphic designer so doing custom designs for you is not a problem. My designs can be tattooed or printed.


My art and tattoos

Here are a few examples of my work. I also offer portraits, check out my instagram for more images.


Custom Designs

I can make custom designs to suit you. I can either use photoshop, illustrator or draw something up for you.


Graphic Design

I am a fully qualified graphic and web designer who writes code. I don't use wordpress or any other online web builder I'm a proper one.